Why Rent When You Can Own?

There is something special about owning your own home. A sense of freedom and peace of mind knowing this space is truly yours to call home. Great Value Homes makes it affordable, in fact, it may be less than you’ve been paying for rent. Plus, you’re building equity for your future, so when and if the day comes that you want to sell, you’ll get the equity portion of this money back.

About Us

For more than 4 decades, Great Value Homes, Inc. has focused on Manufactured Housing, from the sale and listing of homes to the development and property management of its communities.

Our Locations

Great Value Homes, Inc., offers 9 exceptional communities dedicated to manufactured homes, located in picturesque cities and towns that extend across the beautiful state of Wisconsin.


We offer quality Manufactured Homes that are New or Renewed, available for Immediately Occupancy or Coming Soon, that all share one unique GVH feature: the Turnkey Advantage.